FREQUENTLY ASKED Camille Henderson

How often should I have lessons?

This depends on what your goals are and how much practice time you are able to fit in between lessons. Most students attend weekly, some students attend twice a week and some students prefer a more sporadic schedule, waiting on standby as cancellations come in. Weekly students take priority in scheduling.

How long are the lessons?

Generally, 1 hour unless you are under the age of 12, in which case I recommend half hour lessons. Some students find that an hour flies by a little too quickly and prefer two hour lessons.

How many lessons will I need to improve?

I like to think that students improve after the first lesson, but often this question implies the bigger question, “when will I be done learning?”  That’s when I respond with, “did you know that Celine Dion still has a vocal coach?”  We’re always getting better but, to be specific, the rate of improvement usually depends on dedication of time, body awareness, respiratory fitness and physical coordination.

What should I bring to my lessons?

If you’d like to bring in any songs or previous recordings that represent areas of the voice that you’re interested in exploring, that’s great, but feel free to come empty handed. Dress comfortably (with lots of breathing room) and I’ll provide water and herbal tea.

What kind of songs will I sing?

You tell me! OK, it’s not completely up to you… but it’s important that you have the opportunity to sing songs that inspire you (whatever the genre) and that we address the challenges that these songs present. I’ll also choose material that lends itself to technical application. Eventually, all of my vocal exercises will be applied directly to songs in order to fully appreciate their practicality.