As a singer, Camille is most well known for her many years of touring as Sarah McLachlan’s back-up singer.  As a teacher, she’s most well known for her star-studded roster of students.  In any given week, Camille works with Oscar, Emmy and Juno award winning performers prepping for on-camera appearances, arena tours and studio recording.

With a professional performing career dating back to early childhood, Camille knows what it is to be an active player in the entertainment industry.  By the age of 10, she was a working actor in film, TV and on stage, a session singer for multinational corporations and a signed recording artist with RCA Records.  While in her teens, she toured as a member of the A&M recording group West End Girls, charting No. 1 on The Record’s top 40 chart, earning a Juno nomination and winning a Western Canadian Music award. Following this, Camille joined Sarah Mclachlan’s band, touring the world with appearances on the Grammy’s, Junos, Saturday Night Live and a string of late night talk shows. Camille continues to hone her craft, remaining on call as a vocalist for recording sessions with world renowned  producers.  

As a contemporary voice teacher, she has developed her niche with professional and semi-pro singers and welcomes students of all genres maintaining the inclusive belief that effective technique crosses the boundaries of style and personal taste.  As a result, she has coached a rainbow of talents including metal singers, country singers, rappers, crooners and budding pop stars, delving into all that their material entails with enthusiasm.  

Camille approaches voice work as a professional athlete approaches their sport.  Essential elements such as strength, range of motion and mental focus are as significant to vocal production as they are to improving one’s golf swing!  Once Camille’s students train to higher levels of ‘vocal fitness’, they are thrilled to discover the freedom that comes with newfound power, pitch control and an increased vocal range.